Welcome to VHP!

Our virtual humans are designed with unique personalities, core values, and narratives to help brands foster meaningful relationships with their audiences. Let us help you step up your influencer marketing game!

Introducing Theo!

Theo was born a full-fledged virtual human with an extroverted, fun-seeking, and adventurous personality. Follow @theo.rises to discover the blissful and simple-hearted Korean culture, cooking, and outdoor activities. He will bring joy and sunshine to your life!

Chibi Theo

Introducing Chibi Theo - the simplified version of virtual human Theo! Chibi Theo is a cute and cuddly version of his bigger self. He is full of life and loves to have fun. Chibi Theo is a great companion for anyone who wants to find joy in their everyday lives. He loves exploring new things and discovering unique cultures. He's the perfect buddy for anyone who wants to live life to the fullest. Follow him on Instagram for a daily dose of fun and adventure!